Demo Skis 2017

The best of the best at realistic prices. Hoys have extended our DISCOUNTS to include our Demo fleet. We want you to be able to try our great skis at the best Demo rental prices ever. Go on - challenge yourself.

We have selected a range to suit different conditions and preference. Swap as often as you like (no charge) as snow conditions change or until you find your favourite! There are some awesome skis in our performance range you are welcome to swap to as well.

Rossignol Experience 88

156, 164, 172 and 180cm

One of the world's most popular advanced to expert all mountain skis featuring a full laminated wood core reinforced by a basalt layer which increases torsional rigidity and dampens vibration.


Volkl Kendo (Mens)

 163, 170, 177cm

Laminated timbers reinforced by titanium, the Kendo & Kenja are widely regarded as having the best blend of easy turn initiation & edge hold on the piste & in the soft. Powerful skis for the whole mountain. Tip Rocker


Volkl Mantra

177 & 184cm

World wide this is the most popular freeski which excels in all snow conditions. Laminated timber & reinforced by titanium. Grab these for freshies & slush! Tip Rocker


Rossignol Sin 7 / Saffron

162, 172, 180 & 188cm

New age shape that excells off the piste and in the bumps. Highly maneuverable due to reduced swing weight and tip and tail rocker. A new and different skiing experience, you can expect to see more skis manufactured like this in the future. Due to the extentuated rocker these skis will ski much shorter than they look so take a long pair rip off piste.


Kastle MX, LX and Colby Series

MX 78   158, 168, 178cm            121.72.109

MX 83   163, 173cm                    125.83.109

MX 88   168, 178cm                    128.88.113

The Kastle MX's are exquistely manufactured, powerful piste orientated all mountain skis featuring the finest laminated timbers sandwiched between two titanium sheets. Materials are removed from the tip reducing swing weight and vibration. Put simply, Kastle skis are made as well as they can be. They are extremely strong and durable, and highly recommendable for purchase for Australian conditions (ROCKS!). Available directly from the Australian importer, Harro's at Crackenback Resort Thredbo.


LX 72    146, 154, 162, 170cm     117.72.99

LX 82    156, 164, 172, 180cm     127.82.109

Using lighter timbers than the MX series, the LX's are softer flexing skis for lightweight and less agressive skiers. However there is no compromise on manufacturing quality.


Colby              160, 170cm

Colby Junior    140, 147cm

Most park skis are simply aweful for traditional skiing, but not Kastle's Twin Tips. Excelling in the park and all over the mountain. Kastle = Quality.

Head iSupershape series

iSupershape Rally         163 & 170cm            131.76.109

iSupershape Magnum   156, 170, 177cm     128.72.106

iSupershape Titan        163, 170cm     133.80.111

iSupershape Speed      177 & 184cm             120.66.99

With technology straight from the race laboratory, the isupershapes provide unparalleled edge hold on hardpack and acceleration out of turns. Take these into Snake Gully or Imagine early in the morning and frighten yourself (and a few ski patrollers LOL). Awesome carvers.

Nordica Fire Arrow 84 PRO

160, 168 and 176cm

Very powerful frontside ski featuring all the good stuff : laminated timber, carbon reinforcement and titanium. This one is for going fast and will pull a variety of radius turns, grip on ice, smash crud and has tip rocker for added versatility.


Nordica NRG 80

160, 169 & 177cm

Extentuated tip and tail rocker, wood core reinforced by metal. Great for upper intermediate to advanced skiers who want to rip the whole mountain.


Fischer Koa 88Ti

152 & 160cm

Powerful women's ski featuring poplar core reinforced by two sheets of titanium. Tip and tail rocker. Very versatile for advanced and expert lady skiers


Fischer Koa 80

147 & 154cm

Lots of technology and style : hollowed laminated core with carbon reinforcement and tip rocker makes this lighweight versatile all mountain performer for intermediate and advanced ladies.


Nordica Belle to Belle

146, 154, 161 & 169cm

Lightweight, snappy, laminated timber core, all mountain performer. Will hold an edge on hard snow during a variety of turn shapes. Designed to minimise effort allowing intermediate and advanced ladies to ski all day


Nordica First Belle

154 & 162cm

All the technology in a gentle ski to improve the confidence of intermediates. Laminated timber wrapped by carbon, tip rocker in a ski that's forgiving and easy to ski all day, all over the mountain.


Head Series Women

Head Super Joy 148 & 153cm

Head Total Joy 153 & 163cm

Graphene technology makes the Joy series superlight yet powerful for intermediates and advanced skiers. All mountain performance with tip rocker and heaps of technology makes these an absolute pleasure in all conditions.


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